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Organic Art #166 by InkGlazier

There are little words I can rightly use to describe something like this. But it's amazing! For me, I see what might be a heart that wa...


Chinese girl (wip) by CG97
Chinese girl (wip)
Ok, so I've been trying to implement several new techniques that I learned and I'm pretty happy with what's coming out. Though, I'm not too sure about the eyes. So what should I do? Should I leave them as they are, or keep both of them the same color? And if so, blue or brown?
Hetalia Meme

I was tagged by :iconcreator-lynn:

Created by :iconrecklessalbinochibi:

1. Make a list of 10 Hetalia characters.
2. Put the characters in the number spaces.
3. This works best as a bit of roleplay!
4. No tag-backs.
5. Feel free to use 2p!Characters or Nyotalia.

1- Russia
2- Nyo!Belarus
3- Germany
4- Prussia
5- Spain
6- France
7- Sweden
8- 2p!America
9- Greece
10- Japan

1. You woke up, opening your eyes to see [3] sleeping peacefully beside you.

Hallie: *Blushes profusely as she tries and fails not squeak in surprise*
Germany: *Opens his eyes to see a tomato faced Hallie gaping up at him* Hallie?
Hallie: Wh-what are you doing in my bed?
Germany: *frowns confusidly before blushing very slightly.* O-oh, sorry Hallie.
Hallie: *Nods silently before she hurridly crawls out of bed.*  

2. After that fiasco, you walked down stairs to be greeted by [4] and [1] who were arguing in your kitchen. What happens?

Russia: *Kols silently as he brings out his pipe from his jacket.*
Hallie: *pales before she silently retreats back to her room*
3. Once that argument has cleared up, you grab yourself some breakfast and walk out of the door. But wait, someone is waiting outside for you. It's [7].

Hallie: *Opens door to find Sweden obstructing her path. She tips her head back to meet his gaze nervously.* Hey there.
Sweden: *Nods silently* Lets go.
4. You walk to school with [7]. By the time you get there, [7] is complaining about EVERYTHING. What do you do to make him/her shut up?

Sweden: *mutters under his breath* Why is everyons afraid of me.
Hallie: I'm not.
Sweden: *silent once more becore he pats Hallie's head.*
5. Somehow, he/she managed to be quiet. You enter the school, and [2] walks you to class. How does that go?

Nyo!Belarus: *Silently glares at stuff*
Hallie: *silently following him as he glares at stuff.*
Nyo!Belarus:..... Marry me.
Hallie: WHAT?  

6. In class, you are forced to sit next to [5], who has forgot his/her book. What happens?

Spain: .... Chica?
Hallie: Sí?
Spain: I uh, forgot my book.
Hallie: Oh? Here, we can share.
Spain: Gracias! I'll treat you to churros later!
Hallie: *grins* Really? Thanks!
7. During that lesson, [6] sits behind you. He/she keeps flirting with you.

France: And your eyes are such a deep and warm color of brown, I find myself lost in them.
Hallie: *buries face in hands to hide the fact that she is blushing... Again* Please stop
8. After that class, you had a free lesson - so you could do what you pleased. [8], [9] and [10] all decide to hang around with you during that time. What happens?

2p!America: *takes practice swings with his nail studded bat. Hallie watches nervously as she sits between Japan, who is silently reading a manga, and Greece, who is petting a stray cat that somehow wondered in.*
Greece: Havent you ever wanted to be a cat-
Japan: Not again, please, dont convince me more than I already am that you are in need of help.
2p!America: *snorts*
Hallie: *starts very silently humming the aristocat's 'everybody wants to be a cat'

9. Time for a bit of study! You head to the library and take a seat beside [1]. Do you get ANY study done?

Russia: Become one with Russia, da?
Hallie: uh...... No?
Russia: Not no, da!
Hallie: *tries to hide behind book*
10. Well, whether do you did or not, it's time for lunch. You head to the lunch hall and sit with [2], [4] and [6]. What happens?

France: Mon Cherie! How you make my heart flutter with you beside me.
Hallie: uh-
Nyo!Belarus: She's mine.
Hallie: But-
Hallie: *sighs*

11. Time for home!! As you step outside of the school, [3] pulls up in his/her car. He/she asks if you need a lift home. Do you take up their offer?

Germany: *rolls down the window to his car.* Hallo Hallie, do you need a ride home.
Hallie: I can walk, I don't want to impose.
Germany: Nien, don't be silly, it's on the way anyways.
Hallie: *smiles* ok! thanks Germany!
12. When you get home, you collapse onto your couch and flip through the channels on the TV. Then the phone rings. You answer it, and it is [5] declaring their love to you. How do you react?

Hallie: Hi?
Spain: Hola Chica! *spain sounds like his normal happy self! but at the same time it was easy to tell that he was nervous.*
Hallie: Hola España, what's up?
Spain: *he is silent for a while*.... Te Quiero.... T-Te Quiero mucho.
Hallie: *blushes intensely.* S-Spain...?
Spain: Sí?
Hallie: *passes out*
Spain: ???.... Hallie? Hello?

13. After that... You decide to go to bed. The only problem with that is... [8] is in your bed. What happens?

Hallie: *sighs when she sees 2p!America napping in her bed and groans in lament* Why me?
2p!America: *snores*
Hallie: hey.... *pokes his shoulder.*
2p!America: *wakes up very slightly* What is it Doll face? I'm trying to sleep.
Hallie: But that's my bed.
2p!America: Yeah, so?
Hallie: I don't want to share. *dead pan face*
2p!America: *Grumbles as he gets out of the bed and leaves*
14. Once you manage to get your bed back, you lie down to go to sleep. Just as you're about to fall into blissful slumber, you hear a tap on your window. It's [7]. What do they want?

Hallie: *looks up to find the source of the tapping noise only to jump in surprise when she sees a man standing outside. A few minutes later she sees it is only Sweden.* Sweden?    
Sweden: *Silently looks at her*
Hallie: *awkwardly looks back* what are you doing?
Sweden: How are you not scared of me?
Hallie: oh? Oh! Um... Because I know that you're really good with kids.
Sweden: Like Sealand?
Hallie: Yup!
Sweden: *nods before leaving*
15. Now you can FINALLY go to sleep. But... [10] has just ran into your room screaming from a nightmare.

Japan: HALLIE!
Hallie: *jumps awake to find Japan standing in her room, quivering* Japan! Are you alright?
Japan: *shakes his head* no! It was terrible! I dreamt that I lived in a world where no manga or anime existed!
Hallie: *pales* you poor thing!  

16. Once [10] has been comforted (or kicked out), you try to go to sleep again. The only thing is, there is something under your bed! Taking a look, you see that it's [2]. What were they doing? And what do YOU do?

Hallie: *paling* B-Belarus, what are you doing?
Nyo!Belarus: *crawls out from underneath bed and crawls into the bed, hugging a squirming and blushing Hallie into his chest.*
Nyo!Belarus: Marry me.
Hallie: But-
Nyo!Belarus: Marrymemarrymemarrymemarrymemarryme!
Hallie: *starts to sob*
17. After that, you can finally go to sleep. In your dreams, you see a dancing [1], [4] and [6]. Then, [9] becomes magical and decides to tag 5 people~!

Greece: Become cats with me!

Hetalia meme
Special thanks to the ever lovely miss :iconcreator-lynn: for the tag lol.
What should be the fate of reader-chan in my story ~Regret~? Please comment and tell me what you would like to see!
(For whatever reason, it won't show what I italicized so I'll explain some things to avoid possible confusion. The paragraphs were it is written in the third person pov. are supposed to flashbacks while the parts written in Germany's pov. are what's happening presently... Enjoy!)

"Hey! Wait!"

The German man heeded the call and halted to looki over his shoulder as a woman's small form practically sprinted to catch up with him. She looked to be out of breath as her cheeks took on a red flush, causing him to offhandedly wonder when was the last time she had trained. It was almost painful to watch her pant to catch her breath. "L-Ludwig...." She managed in between pants as she looked up at him, "right?"

"Ja...?" He looked down at her, wondering just how she had known his name. His human name wasn't something he handed out very lightly to people, preferring to be called by his country name by most. Only those closest to him knew his human name and as far as he knew, he had never met this woman before.

She let out a small sigh of relief before she she straightened herself out, quickly fixing her hair and smoothing out her skirt before she dropped into some sort of courtesy. "Hello, I am (country name)."

Ah, (country name). He vaguely remembered hearing about her from Italy, something about her being nice or something to that nature. She was a fairly new country and as such she wasn't yet well known, but what he did hear about her was nothing short of shining. She was an impressive little country in her own right, quickly gaining popularity amongst the others, Italy being one of which.

Slightly surprised and confused, the German nodded his head in acknowledgement to the other country, still wondering how she had known his name or why she had seeked him out. "Hallo, it is a pleasure to meet you." He replied curtly and yet politely. "How might I help you?"

"Oh! Here!" She reached into her bag and pulled out some papers. "You left these in the conference room and they looked kind of important, so I figured that you might've wanted these back."

Germany blinked in surprise as he  reached to take the papers from her. A quick scan over the contents of the paper showed that they did belong to him and he frowned ever slightly. 'How did I leave these behind.... Thank goodness she was kind enough to return them, it would've been a disaster if these had ended up in the wrong hands...'

The German turned his gaze towards the smaller country and bowed his head slightly. "Danke, (country name)."

"Of course Mr. Ludwig!" She smiled up at him, her big and innocent eyes sparkling slightly.

At that moment, for the first time since Ludwig could remember, his heart skipped a beat.

"Nien!" I gasped as I shot up into a sitting position, breathing heavily as I stared wide eyed into the darkness of myroom. After a moment or two of trying to calm my erratic breathing, I found myself sighing heavily as I rubbed my eyes, the lack of sleep weighing down on my eye lids.

'.... It was only a dream...' I sighed again as I propped my elbows on my knees and buried my face into my hands as a familiar pain constricts around my already wounded heart. The pain could be described as being close to unbearable, and that was saying much since I was no stranger to pain.

(Country name)..... That was the first time I met her several years ago... Or was it several hundred years ago? I didn't even know anymore. All I knew is that I remembered that day so vividly, even more so than most things that were supposedly important.

"___...." I whispered her actual name hoarsely as I tipped my head to focus my gaze on the moon that shined in the darkened sky outside my window.

"I love the moon." (Country name) commented idly as she looked out the window one evening.

"Hm..?" Ludwig looked up from the paper he had been reading. Italy, who was sitting on one of the sofas on the other end of the room, halted the lovely tune he had been singing to look at her. Japan merely kept on reading his manga.

"Why (country name)?" Italy questioned in his normal chirpy tone.

As if she had forgotten about them being in the room and just now remembered they were there, she jerked her gaze to face them as a light pink dusted her cheeks. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I said that out loud." She mumbled in an embarrassed and apologetic way that made Germany smile very slightly in amusement.

"It's fine." Italy grinned at her, "you don't have to be sorry!"

Italy's grin is contagious and it causes her to pick up the corners of her lips to form that sweet yet shy smile that Germany was slowly growing to admire and longing to see. It was something he never grew tired of and he doubted he ever would.

"Yeah." She giggled a little before she looked back out the window before she shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know why I love the moon." She confessed as she messed with her hair. "I just do... It's something I've always loved to look at... It's calming to me."

Italy nodded his head understanding. "Si! And the moon is very beautiful too, right?"

(Country Name) looked at the Italian and smiled at him in a way that is best described as sisterly. "Yeah, it's beautiful too."

Germany cleared his throat as he silently excused himself before he walked out of the room before any of them had the chance to notice that he was blushing. He didn't want them to see. He didn't want them to know that he suddenly realized something; that (Country Name) was his moon.

I hadn't even realized I left my bed and was standing in front of the window until I had pressed my hand against the cold glass, over where the moon was while my hand trailed up my chest to rest over my heart, where it ached so sharply that I almost bent over. Without me entirely realizing it, she became my light amidst the darkness, she was my reason for stability, my reason to get up in the mornings. It had been a while since I saw my precious Moon, and just not even being in her presence was painful to me.

I sighed through my nose as I let my hands fall limply to my sides and I turned to look at what time it was on my clock.

5:15 is what it read in glowing red numbers.

Seeing that was enough to make me sigh again and to give up any endeavors of getting back to sleep since I would've already had to wake up fifteen minutes later. Looking back outside, I see the moon slowly fade away and I see hints of pink and red tint the sky where the sun would be rising. I frowned slightly as I bid the moon a silent good bye and I turned from the window to start my day.

Today, I'd finally see my moon.


___ looked up from her spot on the bench as Ludwig approached her, smiling as she waved her hand to greet him.

"Hey Luddy!" She called him by the nickname she had given him. At first it embarrassed him a lot since he was alway such a serious person, but it grew on him... Especially when she said it.

"Hallo ___." Ludwig halted when stood in front of her. He looked stoic and serious (as usual) but in reality he was about as calm and collected as a terrified Italy. He couldn't remember a time where he was ever this nervous, this terrified. There wasn't even a moment in the heat of battle that felt this intense as now.

"Don't just stand there Luddy! Sit!" She scooted farther down one end of the bench and patted the empty space she created next to her as she stared up at him expectantly. Ludwig sits, making sure that there is a respectable gap between them on the bench, which didn't allow for much.

Germany just barely managed to keep himself from blushing.

___ looked up at him, grinning slightly as she usually did before she folded her hands neatly over each other ontop her lap. "So... You said you needed to see me?"

Even though he had always pictured this moment to be particularly terrifying, he never imagined that it would be  just so much more worse. Just the thought alone, the thought that he was actually going to tell her what he felt about her, was enough to make his heart do airial acrobatics in his chest. His normal nerves of steel were almost shot and he could tell that if he didn't say anything soon, he would more than likely make up some sort of lame excuse and run away.

"Ja." Was the only thing he could managed to say with an even tone, but says nothing else as he struggles mentally for something profound, something that will touch her heart and something sweep her off her feet. But he comes up with nothing but a big fat blank. Words fell flat on his lips and he could feel himself start to panic when he realized that she was sitting there, watching him patiently with an arched brow that wrinkles slightly in confusion.

".... And that is...?" She starts cautiously, though at the same time it is gentle, encouraging him to continue.

He swallows uneasily. "It's been a while since we've known each other, ja?" He starts and he feels somewhat accomplished when he keeps his voice even for that one sentence.

She nodded her head. "Yes, it's been over a decade already."

'A decade...' Ludwig blinked, half surprised and half disbelieving. There was no way a decade could have had passed already, he could still picture in his mind meeting her for the first time as clearly as ever, like it had happened just the day before! It was hard to believe that he had known her already for ten whole years.

Ludwig forced himself out of his thoughts once again and cleared his throat. "Ja, a decade." He continued, "and in that time we have made remarkable progress, especially for you ___."

___ tipped her head to the side as a thoughtful expression appeared on her continence before nodding. "Yeah, it is pretty remarkable." She agreed. "Just ten years ago, barely anyone knew I existed..." She looked back up at him, just as curious as ever, and arched her brow.

"Remember when we met?" Ludwig blurted out before he could stop himself and the pangs of regret hit him like a slap to the face. ___ tipped her head to the other side and arched her brow.

"Of course I do Luddy, I wouldn't forget it for anything..." For a moment she had a far away look in her eyes, probably reminiscing about that day before she smiled and giggled. "I remember being so out of breath when I finally cought up to you that I could hardly speak."

He remembered that too, how she had her hands planted on her thighs as she panted to catch her breath, her cheeks flushed red. Then he couldn't get over how out of shape she was, but now he couldn't help but think about how adorable she looked, or how kind it was for her to push herself the way she did just to make sure she returned his papers to him.

This thought caused Ludwig to smile. "Ja, I remember that too."

Seemingly embarrassed, she blushed as she looked to the side. "I looked like a total mess, I was sweaty and flushed, my hair probably looked insane..." She laughed in a slightly nervous manor. "Not exactly the prime example of a good first impression, huh?"

"Nien!" He quickly disagreed, not liking how she seemed to be putting herself down. He didn't remember any of those things about her, and even if he did, it wouldn't have mattered. "I was very impressed with you!"

She stared up at him for the longest time with wide (e/c) eyes as her cheeks gradually turned a darker shade of red. Then she smiled smiled and looked down, playing with the hem of her shirt. "Thank you Luddy."

How is it possible for her to be so adorable? It was almost a crime for her to so easily captured his attention, his affection, and his heart without her being aware of it. Despite the screaming in his head not to, he blushed as well.

He could feel his resolve start to shatter. He needed to say something and something soon! Swallowing, he took a semi deep breath through his nose and opened his mouth.


Beautiful (e/c) orbs shifted to look up at him, peering through her thick dark lashes, causing his heart to skip several paces. "Yes Luddy...?"

'Go ahead Ludwig, just say it, tell her!'

"I..." Suddenly, an unknown terror struck him. At that moment his confession refused to leave his mouth, trapped in his throat. He felt something akin to chains wrap around his chest and constrict tightly. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't speak, he couldn't move. All he could do was stare into her eyes until he heard the shatter of his resolve.

"I really appreciate having you as a friend, ___." He wound up saying, his tone slightly flattened with defeat.

So wrapped up in his own self-disappointment, he missed how her smile shrunk and her eyes dimmed very slightly before she replied in a soft whisper. "Me too Luddy."

"Welcome back Mr. Beilschmidt." I nodded to the woman behind the reception desk, who greeted me with an ever present smile despite the type atmosphere that surrounded a place like this. "It's been a while." She comments as she slides a clip board and a pen over the smooth white surface of the desk to me.

I feel my guilt building up in my chest until it feels absolutely strangling. She was right, it had been a while, too long to be deemed acceptable. "Ja..." I sighed as I pulled the clip board to myself and began to write on the paper.

As I sign it, I barely hear the bored drawl of a woman over the intercomm announce 'Dr. Smith to room 123, I repeat, Dr. Smith to room 123.' A phone rings and I hear the receptionist, Stacy, answer with a cheerful yet professional tone. "Hello, Good Heart Hospital, my name is Stacy and how can I help you?" She looks up at me and sees that I've finished signing the paper. "Hold please." She presses a button and set down the phone for a brief moment to take back the clip board and pen. "Thank you Mr. Beilschmidt, have a good day..." Her eyes trail down to what I'm holding in my hand. "Lovely flowers by the way."

I look down at the bouquet of brightly colored of flowers, ___'s favorite flowers, before I looked back up at her and nodded once again. "Thank you." I managed to say before I walked away from the desk and down the hall.

As I walked through the many halls of the hospital, I hear many things, see many sick people, and sense the overwhelming sadness that this place creates. I feel myself being dragged further and further into a darkness in my own mind, the guilt, the sadness.... It feels like a beast, devouring my entire soul, leaving me feeling so unlike myself.


The entire time I traversed through the many hallways, her name kept running through my mind like a psalm. Every time I said or even thought of her name, I could see her smile, the way her eyes sparkled, I could her gentle voice call my own name, reassuring me and calming me. My moon, my precious ___.

I paused when I found the door I was looking for, room 301 of the ICU section of the hospital. My heart is hammering against my chest as once again a familiar sense of dread fills my entire being. I know she in there, I know what to expect each time I enter that room; but I know from experiance that each time I gather the bravery to go in there, I feel like the carpet is ripped from undernethe my feet. I can never fully prepare myself for what I see everytime I enter her room, no matter how many times I go in there.

Taking a deep breath, I push open the door.

The first thing I see is her. She's laying flat on her back on the bed, wearing those bland hospital gowns, hooked up to every machine known to man, and she is still... Ever so still. Even though I've come here many times before, it feels as shocking and as horrifying as the first time. Everytime I see her in that state, my breath is knocked out from my chest and I enter an ever present haze of disbelief. Everytime I come here, my unrealistic expectation of her smiling to greet me shatters.

I let out a smile sigh through my nose as I step into the room from the threshold and I close the door behind myself, muting out the chaos outside. I stared at her peaceful expression as I slowly approach her bed side, the feeling of despair weighing down on my shoulders even more with each step I take. By the time I reach her the weight is crushing.

"Hallo ___...." I muttered silently as I placed the flowers on the nightstand beside her bed and they instantly stands out in the sterile white room. "I brought you flowers, ___, your favorite."

As expected, she replies with silence as she continues to breathe. Even though I shouldn't have been hoping for anything more than that, the fact that she does not answer me is enough to make me loose my strength and I drop unceremoniously into the chair beside her.

"___...?" I whisper her name, watching her face intently so I didn't miss the smallest of movements, the slightest of signs. I don't miss any because there is none to miss.

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a bright and brilliant person would wind up in a place like this, a place so overrun by darkness. She didn't belong here, she shouldn't be here,... she wouldn't even have to be here if it weren't for me.

To say that it had been an off day for Ludwig would be a gross understatement. Nothing was going right and absolutely everything was being turned upside down and set to fire right before his eyes. Everyone just seemed to grate on his nerves and to rub him the wrong way, it felt like the entire universe was out to make his life completely and wholly miserable. And if things weren't already completely horrible than they already were, the universe just had to add it in one more thing to top the cake.

America flirting with ___.

Ludwig was already in a frightening mood, but the second he saw that burger-eating-hero-wannabe looming over his innocent ___ cracking a few 'smooth' lines on her, he wanted to wring the American's scrawny little neck and to shove a burger down his throat.

What right did America think he had to flirt with his moon, his ___? He had none, absolutely none at all! He doesn't even deserve to breathe the same air her, let alone the right to be too cozy with her. And while Ludwig never really was prone to jealousy or envy, the thought that another man wanted ___ made his blood boil.

So it took all that he had not to beat America to a pulp when he approached the two, hissed something especially scathing at the blonde, and grabbed ___ by the wrist and stormed away. Needless to say, the usually overconfident nation personification turned several shades of white.

"L-Luddy....?" ___ whimpered in confusion as she stumbled to keep up with his long strides. "I-is something wrong?"

The look Ludwig sent her was absolutely terrifying and it caused her to instantly shut her mouth and her eyes to widen fearfully. The gruff tone he used to answer her made her whimper, "Why were you letting him do that?!"

She felt herself tense as she stared at him, refusing to believe that the irate man dragging her painfully across the building was the Ludwig she had known for years, the man who was usually firm but collected. Even when he lost his temper, he never was truly that terrifying.

"I-I don't understand...." She answered in a painfully quiet way, "wh-what are you talking about Luddy...?"

Ludwig suddenly halted and spun around to face her, his mouth ajar to say something when he saw her wide eyes staring at him with tears pooling at rims of her eyes that were almost to the point of spilling over. She looked terrified! He's never seen her look so scared before, and he was the cause of it.

And just like that his fury disappears completely and guilt takes it's place. "___..." He looked down to where he was tightly grasping his wrist and he released her like he had been burned by fire. She looked down as she held her reddened wrist gingerly in her other hand, a tear slipping past the confines of her eyes.

He felt like a monster.

Ludwig stared down at her, horrified at himself and what he did to her. "___..."

Hearing his voice once again, ___ flinched slightly as she unknowingly moved away from him. Ludwig felt his heart drop down to his feet.

___ was scared of him.... She was really scared of him.... He scared her.

"___... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... I just." He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. He didn't even believe himself at this point. He couldn't believe that he did something like that to her, that he had reacted so childishly... Getting so angry.

'America was only able to do what you didn't have the courage to.' A scathing voice in the back of his head remarked. 'You were jealous because America did what you couldn't, coward... What claim did you ever have to her in the first place.'

It felt like a slap to the face, but it was true. He was too much of a coward to say what he needed to and now he couldn't accept the consequences of what he couldn't do. ___ was never his to begin with, and now that he made her cry, he didn't think he could ever be deserving of her at all.

"I'm sorry..." He repeated again as he took a step away from her, the another, and another. "I'm sorry."

___ looked up her eyes softened before she opened her mouth to call after him. But by the time he was already gone.

It was raining heavily outside of the World Confrence building, soaking Ludwig to the bone and the temperature, which was close to freezing, didn't help at all. But at this point, the German didn't even notice. His mind kept playing back to all that went down just a few minutes ago, a picture of ___'s tear filled eyes stared up at him wouldn't leave his thoughts.

Ludwig pressed his hand against his head, his stormy blue eyes not leaving the ground as he tightly gritted his teeth. Such intense emotions rushed through his entire being being that his body trembled and a sharp ache appeared in his head. The pain was almost unbearable and blinding.

He needed a beer...

Looking up, he saw his favorite bar across the street. He mused dryly about the irony about his need for a beer and how convieniately placed the bar seemed to be as he stood at the cross walk and waited for the cross sign.

When the figure of the walking man appeared, Ludwig crossed.

As much as he tried to not think about her, he couldn't stop his thoughts from straying to her. 'I hope she'll make it home ok, it's raining really heavily...' He sighed as he looked up to the bar, being about half way across the street.


Ludwig didn't know what happened. He heard someone screaming his name before he was shoved, causing him to fall forward and half onto the sidewalk where he hit his head against the edge. Before he even had the chance to recover from that, a deafening screech assaulted his ears which was abruptly cut off with a sickening thump that caused his blood to suddenly turn cold.

He forced himself quickly off the feet as he felt warm liquid spill down his face from an intense pain near his forehead, blurring his vision. He looked back at what had happened and saw that a car was stopped right in the middle of the cross walk. That's when he noticed the figure laying there on the ground in front of the car, motionless.

By the time Ludwig realized what had happened, the car had already been thrown into reverse and was now racing down the other street. Some sensible part of Ludwig made sure that he memorized the color and make of the car before he stumbled towards the person laying there on the ground, blood pooling around the person.

As the distance closed between them, he felt his heart freeze when noticed that the figure was familiar to him. His heart now pounded with a sense of panic and dread as he rushed over to the figure on the ground, hoping with every fiber of his being that it was just an illusion of the eye. He did hit his head pretty hard, he hoping that he was just seeing things.

He quickly dropped to his knees beside the fallen figure and gently turned her over to her side and felt himself freeze and his breath hitched. Laying there in a broken and bloodied mess was her, his own ___, who was breathing was labored and shallow.

"___?" He wheezed when he was finally able to find his breath, horror heavily concentrated in his voice as he slowly moved to pick her up when someone placed their hand at his shoulder and pulled him away from her.

"Don't touch her! She could have severe spinal injury!" Ludwig looked up at the man dressed in blue, his eyes wide, in a still half dazed way as several more men dressed in blue surrounded her.

Ludwig looked at the other men and groaned her name as he moved towards them, ready to pry the strange men away from her when he was suddenly aware of his own injuries and felt a sharp pain race through his head. His teeth gritted in an attempt to keep a moan of pain from escaping his lips as the man who had pulled him away rested a hand on his shoulder. "She's alive, but very hurt and so are you." He spoke again, "she's in good hands, so please, dont worry about her for now and let me help you."

Ludwig wanted to scream at the man. There was no way he could stop worrying about her, not even in the slightest. ___ got hurt really badly and he wanted to be there to protect her, his own injuries are like a paper cut compared to hers. It should've been him that the car hit.

But... Why wasn't he hit?

His eyes widened as he looked at ___ who was now laying in a geurny and was being wheeled away towards a waiting ambulance. She saved him... The man who scared her and made her cry.

She was hurt because of him.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her, my hand tightly gripping hers. Since that day close to a month ago, she laid there still and silent and with no sign of waking up any time soon and not a day passes where I don't think: 'she didn't deserve this.'

It should be me, I should be the one laying there just clinging to life. Not her, not my moon. I didn't protect her like I should've, instead I was helpless to stop her from sacrificing herself to save me. Why did she do that...?

I'm not aware that I'm crying until I felt the first of many drops land on my hand and it startles me a little. It had been so long since I last cried, it was probably when I was only a little boy, barely a country. I stare at the first tear that I've shed in years when the reality of everything slams down on me with such weight that I'm well beyond crushed.

She did this to save me even though I treated her harshly without any reason just minutes before. And if she died.... I would forever loose my moon, the woman I had come to admire and to even love through the years. The woman who was sweet and kind, liked by everyone. The woman who dealt with me patiently even when I could be difficult. She's my friend, my best friend. She was closer to me than Italy ever could be, she knew things about me that even I didn't know about myself.

And if she died... I would never have the chance to tell her how much I love her.

More tears drop from my eyes as I kissed her hand fervently, pleading with her softly through my sobs to come back so I could make everything right, so that I could tell her how sorry I was for being a coward and a monster, so I could tell her much I loved her.

"If you love me, tell me! Forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous. You will always regret it if you don't." - Unknown
GermanyxCountry!Reader ~regret~
Hiya everyone! Well, I'm going to be submitting one of my stories to the Internet for the first time, yay! I've always been hesitant because I only got into writing a few years ago and I know that there are amazing writers on the web. But I saw a contest that :iconcreator-lynn: is holding and I figured 'might as well give it a go.'

So I hope you guys like it, the theme for the contest is Deep Emotion and the emotion in trying to convey as mentioned in the title is regret. Germany may or may not be ooc but I hope it's not too obvious.

This was a journal entry from :iconkaykay12160: and she has asked everyone who read her journal to spread the word! Please read what she has to say:

This hacker thing is totally real!!! I saw proof!!! There was a fellow deviant, named magiccarcass who has just been hacked 5 or 10 minutes ago! And that hacker was posting pornographic pictures without setting all of them as a mature content, and the webcam, it was so disgusting and wrong!!! I also just saw a journal saying what the hacker does which is:

1) He will send notes with the subject "U suck" with insults.

2) He will change your Icon to various perverted things.

3) He will remove everything you upload.

4) He will harass people.

5) He will draw crude things. 

ALL THAT STUFF! This hacker stuff isn't fake, it was true all along! The hacker is nearby! So please all of you deviants who're viewing this, do Deviantart a favor and please spread the word if you don't want to be hacked!!! 

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